The strong desire to share the knowledge worldwide!


More than ten years of successful expertise on the French market and the goal to share a recognized know-how around the world lead to creation of DOLGA, which is operating in the heart of Europe, in Lithuania. Constantly seeking for perfection, DOLGA strives to be well-known throughout the world when the reference is made about wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.
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Health is our strongest commitment. We bring to you all answers to the questions you ask yourself, and this is via our dietary supplements: herbal,natural, and 100% useful for your health.



Selected by French laboratory, all our ingredients are carefully chosen and crafted. The formulas of our products are tested in a strict framework of guaranteed safety and efficiency.



With a choice to be the first, DOLGA aims to continue its commitment in producing a full range of healthy food supplements.



DOLGA products are available 24/7 worldwide with the benefit from continuous customer service.



We share the numbers with you!
  • According to the latest figures collected and published by Synadiet, we are able to evaluate our the most popular supplements consumed: 63% vitamins and/or minerals, 21% of plants and herbs, 14% natural products and 2% others.

  • According to a SOFRES study, 79% of consumers consider that food supplements contribute to the maintenance of good health. 33% to fight against fatigue 21% to respond to particular health concerns 17% to stay healthy / avoid any kind of illness.

  • 47% of consumers love to have several courses and programs in the same year to put the odds on the side and to achieve efficient and long-lasting results. To be healthy nowadays means a lot, and people are passionate to be on the topic.

  • 91% from consumers are taking advice from someone (friend, family, doctor, pharmacist), following and advertisement (internet, TV, flyer), experiencing something new, and turning it to the whole philosophies and approaches.

Caviar luv®

The revolution for shining and well-nourished skin, pure vitality, and improved self-confidence!

You will look in the mirror and you will see the most attractive person in the world, that is how CaviarLuv brings love to yourself and to everyone around you.  

Variations in the quality of our skin, on a one-off or regular basis, can occur for a number of different reasons (fatigue, stress, an imbalanced diet, or tobacco – not to mention the aging process). It is necessary to treat the problem and to get back the skin you deserve! Take CaviarLuv® and even share it with your other half: you can both discover the joy of getting back naturally great-looking skin – you’ll both gain complete satisfaction from the improvement that you’ll see. Your wellbeing is the health of your body and mind, and this implies a certain level of fitness. The fitter you are, the better the shape your body and mind will be in!

CaviarLuv® will do everything possible to unleash your energy, and this action will help you to develop your potential.


Start to glow, unleash your energy and gain self-confidence!